Important Milestones

In April 2021

NBank program „Neustart Niedersachsen Investition“

The aim of this innovative investment or project was to implement robotic spurted modern High-throughput screening (HTS) system.

NBank Logo

In March 2021 moved to new laboratories and offices

PortaCellTec Biosciences GmbH moved in March 2021 to a new Building with Laboratories and Offices located in Science Park Va, Marie-Curie-Straße 8, 37079 Göttingen, Germany.

Science Park Göttingen

Since November 2016
BMBF program “KMU-Innovativ”:
Comparison between mouse and human transport proteins – founded for 3 years (2016 – 2019)

The aim of this project is to generate in vitro inhibition data facilitating a direct comparison between mouse and homologues human transport proteins.

BMBF program KMU-Innovativ

October 2016

PortaCellTec Biosciences GmbH moved to a new location:

Weender Landstraße 94 -108
37075 Göttingen
Tel : +49 551 309 66440

In May 2012, PD Dr. Yohannes Hagos (CEO of PortaCellTec biosciences) was awarded by the business region Goettingen with the “Gute Gründe(r)” price. Wolfgang Meyer (Mayor of Goettingen), Klaus Hoffmann (CEO of GWG) and Detlev Barth (CEO of WRG) handed him the award for the implementation of an innovative and viable business idea. Over 3 years PortaCellTec successfully provides drug transporter assays.

Gute Gründer price

BMBF program “KMU-Innovativ-9”:
Development of efflux transporter assays – founded 3 years 2012 – 2015

The aim of this project was to develop in vitro assays to measure drug efflux processes mediated by ABC transporters (MDRs, MRPs, BCRP and BSEP).

BMBF program KMU-Innovativ

PortaCellTec Biosciences GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Yohannes Hagos and Dr. Bernhard Ugele
May 2009, Göttingen Germany

PortaCellTec had applied for a funding from BMWI. After a positive feedback last December the EXIST-Funding of PortaCellTec biosciences started in February 2009 lasting for one year.

BMBF program KMU-Innovativ

PortaCellTec received the 5th prize of the national “Businessplan” competition of Promotion Nordhessen in Kassel
November 2008, Kassel Germany